How to read body health using your face

We all have days like these! When you look in the mirror and think.... Wow I look rough! Eyes are bloodshot, wrinkles look deeper, spots break out all over! It's not good if this happens but when it does we shouldn't ignore the signs as they are great indicator of health!

The practice of Face Reading has been around for more than 3,000 years in the ancient art of Traditional Chinese Medicine and still practiced today with TCM practitioners.

Many personality traits like good decision maker, caring or optomistic can be observed when using facial characteristics like the face shape, eyes, nose, lips and jaw but the face is also capable of telling us what parts of the body maybe struggling with health.

This face map is based on the ancient practice of physiognomy and can assist us to detect health issues that are literally staring us in the face! Here are a few of the signs to look out for:

Dry Skin

If the skin is dry it could be a sign of liver weakness, congestion in the body or hypothyroidism. The body is struggling to remove waste which include dead skin cells.


When the body is overloaded with refined sugars and dairy it produces mucus to calm the inflammation. Pimples will appear when there is too much for the body to remove.

White spots

This could be a sign of infections or pathogens that are not able to be removed from the body.


Wrinkles give an indication of weakened organs or glands. Wrinkles can appear almost anywhere on the face and are not necessarily a sign of old age!

Puffy Swollen skin

Swelling is mainly connected to poorly functioning kidneys, especially around the eyes.

Red Flushed Skin

Allergic reactions usually cause the flushing of the skin. When the body detects something that it doesn't want inside you, it will heat you up in an attempt to kill any bacteria.

Red Nose

The nose is a good indication of heart health. A red swollen nose suggests a red swollen heart.


Women growing hairs on the chin suggest hormone levels may be out of balance.

All health concerns should be investigated by your medical provider but this information is aimed at giving you an insight into the fascinating practice of face reading. If you would like to find more, take a look at 'Face Reading in Chinese Medicine' by Lillian Bridges for more information.

Here's to your Health Elevation!

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