February 1st 2020 - the start of my Journaling Journey.

The benefits of journaling have been on my radar for a while. I’ve bought fancy notebooks and beautiful writing pens only to never have them with me when I want to write, which can be frustrating when I have nugget of inspiration in mind.

So I’ve just downloaded this app called Day One to regularly start to Journal and capture my thoughts and document how my life unfolds, so I can look back and remember a moment. But also as a way to free up head space which, for me is always crowded. However the biggest reason is to try to improve on my writing skills.
For a number of years now I’ve been hypnotised by the idea of running blogs and producing interesting content for others but in reality its been a non starter. I procrastinate a lot by busying myself setting up multiple web pages and Instagram accounts and never putting anything in them. Before even placing my fingers on a keyboard, I put down my lack of productivity to writers block or never having the time to write.
So this little app is perfect for jotting down multiple thoughts and stories as I think of them. And being able to associate my words to photos or audio is an added bonus. I can turn my words into a Vlog or Instagram posts later on if I want.
So to give you a bit of insight to me.
I am a middle aged lady who can honestly say I’m living my best life right now. My husband John and I have worked stressful jobs, reared three children to adults and done without for many years to get where we are. I wouldn’t say we’re joining the rich lists anytime soon but we are comfortable in our Middle Ages and can do things that twenty years ago we could only dream of.
John is retired now. He struggled with redundancy after working for a leading bank for 26 years but he is genuinely happy not having to work anymore. I currently work part time as a singer which gives me enough money to buy the odd nice handbag once in a while. Our big Georgian House that we bought for a steal and renovated ourselves owes us nothing so our days are filled doing things that make us happy and healthy and that enhance our own lives and the lives our families and friends.
Our children all work and whilst two are back living at home right now (as well as my daughter’s boyfriend) they have all shown an interest in getting their own places so change is imminent in our household. We also have elderly parents that we help by giving them our time and organising things that overwhelm them in this fast paced world.
So today is February 1st 2020 and this my first journal entry and the start of my journaling journey.
Since I didn’t start at the beginning of the new year I’m going to do a quick summary of the last part of 2019 and January 2020.

December is the busiest work time for me. Not only do I have the usual birthday parties and weddings that I sing at I have numerous Christmas parties to add to the list.
Bookings can take me anyway in the country, travelling for 6 to 8 hours in a day but when that happens I ask John to come with me to share the driving and we stay overnight, making it into a mini weekend break.
We also have plenty of groups and organisations we are associated with so there were plenty of Christmas Meals and drinks, concerts and parties that we frequented in the Christmas season.

I had the biggest surprise ever just days before Christmas when my daughter who had been living in Australia for 2 years came home without telling me. Between them they had manage to get back home and I didn't know a thing! And even better was she was staying for good.

I love spending Christmas at home. Our home is known as the party house so it’s always great to invite friends and family over and make use of the space we don’t regularly use. My Mum and Sister spent Christmas Day with us, my Brother and his wife came over on Boxing day and with my daughter and her boyfriend home as well, 2019 was an extra special.
In fact the celebrations didn't end after New Year either, we had a party on the 4th January, in an attempt to eat all the Christmas Fayre that was still hanging around.

With Christmas and New Year celebrated, most people I know want to start a new regime in January like Veganary or dry January. But not me, January is the best time of year for me because it’s my birthday.
I used to throw parties all the time in January but found going on holiday when it’s cold and miserable in the UK was much more fun. Places like the Canary Islands that keeps a constant temperature of around 20 degrees in January have been our favourite in recent years.
This year we chose Lanzarote for our all inclusive 2 week break in the sun. We chose a resort that we have never been to before called Costa Teguise and pledged to hire a car to see more of the island, instead of our usual sunbathing, drinking lots of wine and sleeping until noon.
Whilst the island of Lanzarote is small it has plenty to offer and the attractions are very well planned, easy to get to and reasonably priced.
A major influence is felt all over the island by sculptor, architect and artist Cesar Manrique who created many of the landmarks seen today. Added to the eery lunar-like landscape from the volcanic eruptions, the whole island is fascinating place to be.

We went to Jardín de Cactus which has over four thousand different Cacti. And Mirador del RÍO is a lookout point designed by Manrique offering panoramic views of nearby island La Graciosa.

We went to Playa de Famara, a beautiful beach frames by mountains. The famous Teguise Sunday market where tourists and locals seem to come out to. We travelled through the Timanfaya national park to understand the history of the volcanoes in Lanzarote.

Cueva de los Verdes is the longest lava tube in the world and Jameos del agua with the worlds only blind albino crabs.
We went to the LagOmar Museum, a famous house designed by Manrique and once owned by Omar sharif. We also went to the beautiful Papagayo beach, the vibrant colours of Lago Verde, saw the sea in its raw power at Lis Hervideros and the Salt plains of Playa Janubio.
There was so much that we didn’t get to see which is why we have already booked to go back in October. And this time we will be staying a lot longer than a two week holiday and with a view to possible buying on the island sometime in the future.
So I hope to use this easy and quick app as a way of documenting what happens in the coming years and our 10 week stay in Lanzarote.
I hope you find my look on life interesting.
All the best to you and yours, until next time.
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