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Wedding Food Tasting / Mother Of The Groom Diaries

To say I was eager for one of my children to announce they were getting married was a massive understatement! I've made it clear to all three of my offspring that I want them to be settled in relationships and I WANT GRANDCHILDREN!!

But they've made me wait a hell of a long time before there was any whiff of a betrothal in our household. So imagine my delight when first born pops the question to his long term girlfriend and she said yes.

I think she must applied the same pressure I did when marrying John. Where if he didn't marry me I was going to find someone who could. I think Lucie told my son she wanted to be married before she was thirty so they marry a few months before that in August 2021

So the date has been set and we are in the midst of being part of the fun and exciting events around the first wedding to happen in my family.

Since I love taking photos and videos I've appointed myself as the person to capture how the next 18 months will unfold by writing blogs and filming blogs.

This weekend we all travelled down to Kidderminster and met up with Lucie's parents and sister to taste some delicious food made by Caterers Flamin Edges.

The couple's plan is to have mini buffets served on each of the large round tables for their 90 guests which will eliminate the need for people to get up to collect their food. Caterers Wayne and Theresa put together an amazing spread of how a typical mini buffet would look on the day.

We sampled canapes, mains and the most delicious desserts whilst drinking wine and rum. My boy Alex had always imagined having some kind of melon and Jam dish at his wedding so Wayne and Theresa said they would put their heads together to come up with something to reflect that.

It was a really love afternoon getting to know the caterers and understand how the day was going to pan out.

Here's a video vlog for you to view

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