I had big ideas to make lots of Lutterloh clothes in October after rediscovering my 12 year old Golden Rule sewing system and my successful Sew and Tell video in September. But ‘life’ and more importantly my health got in the way!

The month started off well with a dress I made for my daughter who had started a new job and needed some work wear.

Lutterloh Pattern 170 from the 316 Supplement

Completed Lutterloh dress

The dress went really well although I made a rooky error when it came to the centre front fold (I didn't match my pattern) and my daughter wanted the side seams a little straighter than the design. Other than that it became a staple in her work wardrobe before lockdown kicked in and she was asked to work from home.

The middle of October seemed to go crazy with moving our son into his new home and shingles rearing it's ugly head and in the worst place possible - my eye! The pain was incredible and my first week of suffering I was undiagnosed so had to cope with just over the counter pain killers to deal with my agony.

Shingles in the eye

Finally I was diagnosed with shingles in the eye and given a whole host of drugs to sort it out along with a lot of rest and recovery. Unfortunately the long term problems of having shingles in my eye are still with me month on and I'm still coping with swelling in my eye which affects my eyesight and lower levels of pain.

So I had to write off October and focus on what I could pull back and make in November. Rather than do a sew and tell of all my makes I opted for a sew along of my latest lockdown outfit Lutterloh Pattern 150 from the 315 supplement.

Lutterloh Pattern 150 from the 315 supplement

I dug out my favourite comfy fleece fabrics and made a decision on a couple that were a similar thickness

Next I photocopied the Lutterloh Pattern. I prefer to copy the pattern instead of damaging the original. If you choose to do this make sure that your photocopy is the exact size or your measurements might be off.

Next I located my bust measurement on the Lutterloh tape measure. For most tops and dresses the bust measurement is all you need. And likewise you'll only need the hip measurements for trousers and skirts. But if you have big differences between your bust and hips you may want to consider moving the pin part-way through drafting your pattern from the bust to the hip measurement in order for the garment to fit around your hips

When drafting pattern pieces ensure the measurements are placed on the right hand side of the tape measure.

When the pattern pieces are drafted on the paper, use the curved rulers to make your curves as smooth as possible, Find the part of the ruler that joins 3 points up easily. If that is not possible then join as many points as you can using the ruler or draw them free hand.

The system suggests adding seam allowance on the fabric however I feel it is easier to add to the pattern. When I had cut out all the pattern pieces I decided which pattern pieces were going to be cut out of which fabric.

If you would like to watch the full sew along tutorial please watch my video available on YouTube

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