Sew & Tell with Lutterloh Patterns

Covid 19 caused one of my 'shelved' hobbies to get back into circulation. I've always been an avid clothes creator and owned a healthy stack of fabrics but over the years I sewed less and less over the years!

As a teenager I went to college for dressmaking and fashion design and in over 30 years of dressmaking I've tried many different systems to try and make my perfect outfits. Some look amazing but also some have been absolute disasters that head straight for the bin. The trouble is, working on something for hours on end only to find it's not wearable or doesn't fit right is very frustrating.

So imagine my delight to pick up the Lutterloh Golden Rule pattern making system and realising I have hundreds of made to measure garments at my fingertips! The basic system comes with over 280 patterns that fit all body sizes due to it's ingenious method of scaling up to the size you need when you draft out the pattern.

All that's needed is a waist or bust measurement and you can have a made to measure pattern in minutes! There are patterns for woven and knit fabric and it's really easy to customise patterns to make tops into dress or shorts into trousers etc.

So I have decided to start a monthly blog on my makes and creations.

So what have I made this month?

Polka Dot Top Lutterloh Pattern #52

I simplified this pattern a lot, taking away the second layer on the sleeve and the button placket by placing the centre front onto folded fabric because I just wanted to be sure it fit and sure enough it was perfect. It is a fact that some pattern pieces look like the have too steep a curve or odd looking corners to be correct but after sewing it all together I realised it fits perfectly.

I was determined to trim the top with the fluorescent trim that I cut from an old top I bought from Tesco. There was just fabric to make a belt

The pattern worked so well I decided to make the same top in a glitter fabric and wear to a singing gig I had.

Next I made a skirt from Aztec fabric.

The skirt has turned out to be a staple in my wardrobe and looks great in both winter or summer styles.

For the next outfit I combined a skirt and top pattern to make a summer dress from some animal print and jersey marl fabric.

The dress was just loose enough to hide any rolls that I have and I see it as been a perfect outfit for beach days (if we ever get any in the future!)

And finally I made this summer drawstring to to from the smallest scrap of material I had. The top is great with shorts, a skirt, cropped trousers or shorts.

If you'd like to see the video of my Sew & Tell with Lutterloh Patterns check out the link below

So my first attempt at Lutterloh patterns has gone really well. I hope to make lots more Lutterloh patterns in the future so keep watching for more makes using the Lutterloh pattern making system.

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