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Trying out Living In Lanzarote

For all my life I've lived in the area I was born and now I don't have any dependants its time to shake things up a little and introduce some experiences that push us out of our comfort zone.

John and I have been enjoying winter sun for the last few years. It started with trips to places like Mexico and Venice to celebrate my birthday but then we switched to the Canaries because we knew those odd rays of sunshine would be glimmering in the January months.

In the last few visits to the Canaries we've romanticised on how nice it would be to stay out here a little longer than the usual 2 week holiday but come back to the UK and forgot the dream to fall back into whatever project was at the forefront of our schedule.

But this Lanzarote trip in January we made one step closer to making it happen by renting an apartment for 2 months in October.

It seemed so natural to hand over our deposit after seeing the apartment for about 5 minutes! I think both of us had already decided that its worth giving it a go, even if it doesn't work out we know we have tried.

The apartment is small but bright and nicely decorated. Our plan is to do the types of things we can't do in the winter in the UK like fishing, walking, photography. We also want to use the opportunity to get healthy, eating freshly prepared local produce.

So I'm afraid my blog will be changing to include the journey we have started upon to live in Lanzarote. I am currently trying to learn to speak Spanish with a great Youtube channel called 'Spanish with Paul' I hope to update you on my progress very soon.

Thanks for dropping by, until next time.


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