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Vegan to Keto after turning 50

It was a really difficult and drastic decision for me to make and I still find it difficult to eat foods that are not plant based. But I felt it was necessary due to the changes taking place in my body that couldn't be ignored.

As I neared my 50's whilst on a vegan diet, I knew I was struggling to produce the hormones my body needed to function. My body would be stone cold after eating - a sign that my thyroid was struggling then as months went, I started to show sighs of insulin resistance which slowly began to take over my life. The turning point was when I started to plan a nap after eating a meal - this didn't seem the right way to live.

My acupuncturist would often say I was lacking in protein and fat but I thought I knew best and carried on regardless. I put it down to the menopause but actually I was causing my menopause to arrive earlier by not providing my body with the healthy fats and amino acids it needed to function.

I really really wanted the vegan diet to work. I tried all variations of it like raw vegan, high starch, fruitarianism and juicing - they all caused my symptoms to worsen. I read all the books, subscribed to all the vlogs and forums and asked questions of others, why was this happening and no one could give me a plausible answer.

Finally I looked back over previous diets to see if anything I 'd done in the past worked for me. I'd initially dismissed keto because I thought it was the Atkins diet renamed but I soon realised it was a lot different that the Atkins diet from 20 years ago.

Watch my vlog on how I am following the keto diet today, the supplements I use and the progress I have experienced so far.

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