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Yoga Progress to Date

I love Yoga!!

I don't love getting all beautified up to drive half an hour away from home to stand in a cold studio with a class of super talented yogis that are working at a different pace and skill level to me. I just love the plain old simple..... get up, throw on something (that doesn't smell too bad) and immerse myself in some deep and meaningful stretching and meditation.

So ask me if I'm any good and I couldn't tell you yes or no, because other than the odd YouTube video and the stuff I see on Instagram I have no idea how I compare to others.

When I went on a Yoga retreat to Sri Lanka in May 2018, I was quite surprised how well i kept up with the class and I realised I wasn't too far of the mark of 'do it yourself yoga' so this spurred me to carry on!

Here in this section of the site I've decided to document my progress with a short collection of photos and sometimes videos of my progress.

Any feedback, tips or tricks that you'd like to share with me please send them over via email which can be found on the consult with Jen page.

Happy Yogaing!!

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