Success Stories

Candy's Story


Candy suffered for many years with weight gain and ill health and was one of my inspirations to study Nutritional Therapy because she is my Mum! 


On a cocktail of drugs and an outlook on life that was bleak, Candy seemed to be waiting to die!  I felt true desperation wondering if I could ever help her to improve her standard of living but after carrying out a Nutritional Assessment and lifestyle questionnaire I put together a program which helped her to lose 28 pounds in 3 months and continue losing weight.

Mum celebrated becoming drug free at the beginning of 2018 but the most significant change was her whole outlook on life has changed!  She walks, dances and most importantly laughs everyday and appreciates the one life she has with a determination to make the most of it!

Luciano's Story

First time parents Jo-anne and Antoni realised Luciano displayed signs of a severe milk allergy (like his Daddy before him) when he was no longer was having breast milk.

Jo had been advised to try all kinds of alternative milks but nothing seem to settle poor Luciano's tummy until Jen from Health Elevation explained how good bacteria plays a key role in a baby's formative days and that caesarean babies are usually lacking in the transfer of beneficial bacteria.


Jen researched a suitable probiotic for Luciano and in a matter of days after taking them, Luciano was happier, more content and started to extend his sleep times at night.


Jo and Tony were so impressed with his improvements that they began to take probiotics themselves!

Lisa's Story

After consulting with Jen at Health Elevation, Lisa explained she felt sluggish and struggled with energy levels.  Her life was hectic with 2 young children and very little time for herself.

Jen at Health Elevation put together a program that help kick start her vitality which allowed her to get back to exercising a feeling great.  Lisa lost 6lbs in two weeks and learnt some valuable health lessons that she can continue to use in the future.

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