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Hi there and welcome!


Let me tell you a little about myself.


After leaving the corporate world as a Head of Member Services, I started my own business as a full time professional singer in 2011.


Initially work requests were quiet but this gave me the opportunity to study as a Contemporary Vocal Teacher for Adolescents and Children.  But eventually invitations to sing with different bands, studios, solo gigs came in and I found myself overwhelmed and very busy.  My voice was constantly in use and after a year of struggling with my vocal commitments and experiencing my vocal range and strength deteriorate, I decided to contact my doctor for help.

I was diagnosed with Vocal Chord Paralysis and Acid Reflux and was given fortnightly voice therapy sessions for about 18 months.  At the end of my sessions, my voice did improve but it far from mended and there was very little the hospital could suggest so I was discharged and given a bottle of Gaviscon (antacids) for my acid reflux .  This prompted me to conduct a little bit of 'self health' and when my interest in health really took off.  I hated the idea of taking any medicines but one like Gaviscon that just relieved symptoms and did nothing to resolve my condition was an absolute no go!


I found myself trawling the internet to find natural solutions to Acid Reflux and this is where I discovered the various health issues that most of us experience today are due nutrient deficiency.  At a around a similar time in 2014, I lost my Dad to Stomach Cancer and was devastated that I wasn’t able to help him to recover.  He fell ill in my early days of studying Nutritional Therapy and I didn’t feel equipped to provide him with guidance on health matters – although I was reprimanded for bringing fruit and soup to his bedside in hospital!  We sadly lost my Dad but I vowed to find out more about health so I could help myself, friends and family.


Over the years I always connected health to happiness.  The messages we say to ourselves, the mood we find ourselves in all have an impact far deeper than we realise.  My research involves many hours of study have enlightened me to many conditions and symptoms that cause us to suffer illness.  I use this website to document my findings and the changes I make in my own life.


Whilst I continue on my own  journey, I want this website to inspire others elevate their own health and well-being.  I am now a certified and accredited Nutritional Therapist, Master Herbalist and Vocal Teacher and continue to work as a full time singer.  Over the years I have followed many eating regimes from Fruitarian, Raw Vegan right through to a Ketogenic and The Atkins Diet and everything in between but continue to research and learn to find the best version of me. 

I would love nothing more than to inspire you on your own journey of creativity health and happiness so if you have any questions, please get in touch and let’s see if we can become stylish souls together!


Everything I write or discuss on this site is my viewpoint at the time it was written.  The content found on My Stylish Soul is for you to draw your own conclusions and any information found on My Stylish Soul should not be in place of medical care or advice.  Please consult with your own practitioner before trialling any of the contents found on this website.  My Stylish Soul cannot be held responsible for any conditions you may experience as a result of reading information found on this website and no liability will be accepted as a result.

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