What I wore to Sri Lanka

Watch my 'What I'm wearing in Sri Lanka' Video with some of the looks I took away with me.

Going to Sri Lanka was a game changer for me! I've never been that adventurous about going to see the world. I know that sounds sad but I always worried what kind of reception I would receive. In the back of my mind I didn't know whether I would be welcomed or accepted by other cultures but when the opportunity to go to a Yoga retreat in Sri Lanka came along I jumped at the chance!

Once I had decided to go, I started to deliberate about what to wear!

Clothes are really important to me, essentially part of the build up to going on holiday is getting my wardrobe in order and knowing what i will be wearing. But this holiday was so different to ones I've been on before. Hot and humid with very little emphasis on fashion statements.

This prompted me to get my inspiration from Google Maps and browse the street view to see what people were wearing and it was really helpful! Simple long garments in cool flowing fabrics in vibrant colours with detailed patterns seemed to be the ticket.

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