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Self Isolating / Coronavirus or Flu & 5 Natural Remedies

On 19th March 2020 back at the beginning of coronavirus becoming serious on UK shores I came down with a sore throat and headache and it certainly felt different to any flu or colds that I had before.

My daughter had just returned from a week long course in Birmingham and was feeling terrible but couldn't put her finger on what was wrong. Rather than clog up the health service we self isolated just in case it turned into coronavirus.

There was no reoccurring cough or temperature in either of us but my daughter lost her sense of smell during her episode.

I decided I would carry out some of the natural remedies to see if we could improve our symptoms

Take a look at the video I made explained some of the natural health remedies I tried


The remedies worked fine my symptoms didn't develop into anything worse than a sore throat. My daughter has also made a full recovery.

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